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Weight calculation

 All the products weight are estimated. We also include the packing materials weight.

The actual shipping weight may be difference from our estimated weight.


1. For oversea countries :

No extra shipping fee : If the actual shipping fee is not more or less than HK$30 from the estimated shipping fee.

We will charge extra shipping fee : if the actual shipping fee is more than HK$30 from the estimated shipping fee.

We will refund shipping fee : If the actual shipping fee is lower than HK$30 from the estimated shipping fee. (we will refund the shipping fee to customer account in our website).


2. For Hong Kong (Local) :

The basic shipping fee is HK$28. If you are using courier (sf-express), the courier company will charge extra HK$30 for far away district. Besides, if your shipping address is home address, sf-express will also charge extra HK$30 for non-commercial service charge.
If you choose Registered Post from Hong Kong Post, then the basic shipping fee is HK$35.


3. Macau :

We use sf-express to send the parcel to Macau. For first 1kg, the shipping fee is HK$36, plus HK$3 for each 1kg afterwards.


4. China & Taiwan

We use sf-express to send the parcel to Taiwan and China. For first 1kg, Taiwan shipping fee is HK$60, China shiping fee is HK$68, plus extra HK$20 for each 1kg afterwards.

Please notice, you should provide a full name and contact phone no. which are used for delivery service.

Shipping fee will be shown at checkout page.

Goods comment

  • Anonymous user 2012-11-06 21:11:06

    do you ship to Peru?

    Customer service reply:

    Yes! We send the parcel to Peru.

  • am... 2012-10-16 06:06:51

    Can you help to check if the item as below is in stock ?
    N9 파비앙*앵글부츠(한정)
    Color:Beige 베이지


    Customer service reply:

    hi Size 240, beige was out of stock.
    Thank you!

  • ha... 2012-10-08 08:51:52

    How much of the shipping fee to Australia?

    Customer service reply:

    hi, It is depends on the weight, the first 0.5kg is US$11.5 (reg. airmail) after plus US$6 for every 0.5kg afterwards.
    We will see the shipping fee when you are at the checking out page.
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous user 2012-08-28 08:32:00

    The minimum order is US$ 30. Does this include the shipping fee as well?

    Customer service reply:

    We have adjusted the min. order to US$15. But it doesn't include the shipping fee.

  • Anonymous user 2012-08-25 21:24:37

    Hello..i'm kind of obsessed about korean clothes and there are many many various korean online stores which i like but none of them ship to Estonia though it's so so close to Sweden and Finland. So i would like to know is it so with this site too ?

    Customer service reply:

    Hi, We also send the parcel to Estonia. But we only accept bank-transfer (wire-transfer) for Estonia.
    Thank you!

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